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It's your girl, Meiko, and I am happy to be speaking to you all in 2014! It's here, we've made it and we have so much to look forward to in this new year.

Now, as the AfterDark crew promised at the end of last year, 2014 would mark the rebirth of AfterDark Radio. With new hosts, new content and new platforms, AfterDark is making a lot of moves which will all be revealed in the upcoming weeks. It's all very exciting, so we hope you're ready for this wild ride!

But with all of the fancy new upgrades, I promise that your girls haven't changed a bit. Saki is still her crazy, off-the-wall self, I'm still your little angel with that mischievous glint in her eye, and Tenshi is as adorable and feisty as ever! No matter how many changes we make, always remember that at the heart of it all, we're just being us and love all of you that have supported us in this movement.

With that being said, it's time to announce that the relaunch begins TODAY, starting with my continuation of AfterDark Tales. We've made it! However, the relaunch won't be happening here.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Hanyou's Masquerade: Run-In

An insistent sound woke a disgruntled man from his restless sleep.

A low growl rumbled in his throat as he pulled his head from the warmth of his elbow crook. The early morning sun slipped through his white blinds and made patterns all over his black comforter.

Moving to a sitting position with his legs hanging over the side of the bed, he stretched his arms over his head, flexing the muscles in his shoulders and back.

A groan from across the room quickly reminded him why he woke up in the first place.

“Inuyasha…” his groggy roommate, Miroku, mumbled into his pillow. “Turn that annoying thing off!”

“Yeah, yeah… I was about to,” Inuyasha replied as he hopped off his bed, slightly wincing as his bare feet hit the cold, ceramic floor. Seconds later, the nagging blare of his alarm clock was silenced.

“6 o’clock mornings… man, I’m still not used to it,” Inuyasha mumbled to himself as he walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out his shower essentials.

He shook his head when he found a pair of Miroku’s socks near his shoes. His eyes rolled like the socks as he threw them at his sleeping roommate’s head.

“Wake your lazy ass up. You know we have practice in less than an hour.”

The sting of a suddenly misplaced pair of socks jolted Miroku up, looking around in a daze as he tried to figure out what hit him. “Dude, I was up. But this bed was like the warmth of a woman’s body; I just couldn’t pull away.”

Inuyasha huffed. “Yeah, whatever. If you thought about track as much as you did women, then maybe you wouldn’t still be in the #2 spot.”

Miroku chuckled, slowly allowing his mind to crystallize. “Of course, but it’s no small feat to overcome a runner who thinks only about running.”

“That’s not true.” Inuyasha looked over his shoulder at Miroku with a wry grin. “I also think about winning and breaking records.”

“Ah,” Miroku agreed. “Silly of me to have forgotten.”

Pulling on his robe, Inuyasha freed his dark hair from its tie and let it fall over his shoulders and down his back. The black tresses contrasted beautifully against his tanned skin, darkened by summer nights spent at the beach. It’s only been a few weeks that school was back in session for Tokyo University, but with the increased intensity of their workouts due to the departure of the team’s key seniors, Inuyasha and Miroku were starting to feel their junior status.

“Yo, Inuyasha.” Shower tote in hand, Inuyasha brought his attention back to his best friend. “We’re still going out tomorrow night, right? You’re finally turning 21, so we have to celebrate with your… well, first legal drink,” Miroku added with a wink.

Inuyasha smirked. “Hell yeah. Tomorrow is Saturday, so you know we’re hitting all the spots. Just don’t be trying to drag any of those drunk females back to our dorm,” Inuyasha added with a warning in his tone. “I’m not risking suspension from the team and you’re already on your second strike.”

Miroku, who was now fumbling around in his wardrobe, threw his hands up with a sheepish grin. “Now now, Inuyasha. You should know I’ve learned my lesson by now.”

“I hope so. Maybe it was the woman that threatened a restraining order against your lecherous ass who taught it to you.”

Miroku winced at the memory. “Oh Inuyasha, why did you have to bring up such an unpleasant situation?”

“To make you behave tomorrow.” Slipping his slippers on, Inuyasha headed to the door. “Don’t drag your feet. We have to be down on the track by 7:15.”

“Aye aye, Captain,” Miroku, slightly mocking his best friend’s title on the team.

The sudden rush of hot water in the empty showers echoed off the walls as Inuyasha walked beneath the torrent. His hair quickly found its way across his face, but he pushed it back in irritation.

My hair’s getting too long again, he thought to himself. I should probably drive down to Kyoto Sunday so Kaede can trim it.

Letting the heat soak into his skin, Inuyasha closed his eyes. He had to admit that he’s had a tough week. Toothaches so painful that he had to schedule an impromptu visit to the dentist; trouble with his eyesight forced him to buy a pair of reading glasses; but the worst was probably his unusual streak of dropping the baton during practice due to unexplainable sensitivity in his fingers.

Inuyasha opened his eyes and lifted his hands palm up, flexing his knuckles until he could see the veins popping up in his large hands. Last night, he could barely pick up his fork at dinner. Now, he didn’t feel anything at all. It was almost as if it never happened. He took note that the pain in his mouth was gone as well and his eyesight was as crystal clear as ever.

“My body is weird,” he grumbled to himself. He decided not to tell Kaede what he was experiencing because he didn’t want to worry her, but he wished for her guidance. He made a resolve to talk to her about his problems when he went home. After all, he had to make sure his health didn’t take away from his efforts on the track team.

Lathering soap in his hands, Inuyasha didn’t want to think about the possibility of quitting. Despite his complaints about the early practices, he loved nothing more than feeling his cleats dig into the asphalt track. As captain, he couldn’t let his teammates down. Despite his worries, he couldn’t hold this off any longer. He had to make sure he was ready for anything.

The soap rinsed off of his body, Inuyasha turned the steaming stream off and let the cool air sink into his skin before reaching for his towel. Noticing the sound of another shower running not too far from him, Inuyasha figured Miroku finally made it to the showers.

Drying up, he pulled his robe back onto his lean, chiseled frame and finished up his shower routine. The clean feeling leaving him satisfied, Inuyasha returned to his room and got dressed in a t-shirt and pair of sweats. He pulled out his duffel bag and made sure everything he needed was already ready to go. His backpack would stay in his room until after practice, because his first class wasn’t until 11:30.

Not long after, Miroku returned and donned an outfit similar to Inuyasha’s.

“How unfortunate. It agonizes me every morning that the lovely ladies of Tokyo University won’t be able to feast their eyes on my nude form. To deprive them of even a tantalizing glance should be a crime,” Miroku mourned.

His lamenting only invoked an eyeroll from Inuyasha. “Whatever. Look man, are you ready to go?”

“Patience,” Miroku cooed. Checking his duffel bag and throwing in a water bottle, Miroku grabbed his music player and put in his earphones. Turning to Inuyasha, he grinned. “I have arrived.”

Pulling his hair up into a ponytail and throwing his headphones over his ears, Inuyasha harrumphed as he headed towards the door. “Let’s go.”

“I hate getting up this early,” a young and clearly irritated woman groaned as she finished putting her books in her backpack.

Her roommate looked over at her, silently observing the look of frustration that pulled her beautiful face down into a frown. Her pink eyeliner seemed to enhance the sparks of agitation in her usually warm brown eyes.

“So do I, Sango, but remember our promise?” she replied.

Pulling the backpack over her shoulders, Sango looked over at her best friend, whose books were already wrapped in her arms. Her best friend’s dark, wavy hair was unusually pulled back into a low ponytail, though her bangs still waved freely.

“I know, I know. If we study now, tomorrow doesn’t have to be dedicated to studying.” Looking at her watch, she frowned. 6:45. “Kagome, we may be up sooner than most roosters are, but it beats spending all of our Saturday studying for those awful midterms.”

Kagome nodded. “I don’t know about you, Sango, but I’m going to enjoy laying on the beach all day tomorrow. We’re going to need it heading into midterms next week.”

Sango laughed. “I swear I had a dream last night where I was taking my midterms at the beach. Now that I think about it, I’d probably get a better grade thanks to the gorgeous scenery.”

Kagome shook her head, a smile breaking across her lips. “Knowing you, that gorgeous scenery would only distract you.”

Taking a moment to contemplate her words, Sango had to nod in agreement. “You’re right. When it comes to nature and tests, nature immediately wins.”

“Oh really? Then it looks like we’re going to be studying at the library instead of the quad today,” Kagome laughed as she left out the door.

Quickly locking up, Sango ran up to catch her. “Kagome, that’s not fair! Studying and tests are different, so let’s go to the quad.”

Kagome shook her head. “We’re going to the library because laying out on the quad is probably going to distract me, too. No distractions.”

Sango huffed as they left their residence hall. “I brought my beach towel and everything,” she lamented.

“Don’t worry, we have plenty of time for that tomorrow,” Kagome reassured. “But since it’s our first year at Tokyo University, we have to do our best and I wouldn’t want you to lose your fencing scholarship.”

Sango beamed. “I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can fill you in on everything I’ve done and learned at practice this semester. I even found a class about swords and samurais that I plan on signing up for next semester.”

Kagome smiled as they found themselves waiting at a stoplight. “Now that sounds like something right up your alley. And remember how I signed up for that archery class? I haven’t practiced it since I was 15, but after only a few weeks, it feels like I never stopped.”

“The archer and the swordswoman. Loving it,” Sango replied with a grin.

“Tales will be spun about our valiant achievements,” Kagome joined in. “Hopefully they’ll shine bright enough to block out the grades on our midterms.”

They roared simultaneously as they walked towards the library, so high in spirits that they didn’t hear the “Watch out!” before they crashed.

“Oomf!” Sango groaned from the ground, Kagome barely moving in time.

“Sango!” Kagome cried as she saw her friend tucked underneath a stranger in dark sweats, almost overlooking the other young man who currently sported a scowl on his face. “Are you two okay?”

Quickly rising, the young man reached out his hand to help Sango up off the ground. “My sincerest apologies! I didn’t mean to run into you, miss.”

Back in an upright position, Sango let her free hand knock the dirt off of her black jeans. “Ah, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

“How can I not? A beautiful young woman such as yourself shouldn’t be subjected to such violence!” The man gave her an earnest look, his indigo pupils practically begging for forgiveness.

Sango blinked in confusion. Was that a compliment, she asked herself. “No, really. It’s not like I’m fragile or anything. No harsh feelings.”

The young man beamed, the worry quickly leaving his face as he held her hand captive. “Your forgiveness has brought new meaning into my life. I believe I heard your name was Sango, yes?”

Sango glanced at Kagome in her peripherals. Kagome, who was still recovering from the crash, looked as confused as she felt. “Uh… yeah.”

“What a beautiful name. My name is Miroku and my friend over there is Inuyasha.” Miroku gestured behind him, which was only met with a ‘Keh!’. “Sango, if you don’t mind, may I ask you a question?”

“Sure?” Sango hesitantly surprised, wondering why he hadn’t let go of her hand.

In her peripheral, Kagome saw Miroku’s friend tense. “Miroku, don’t-”

“Would you bear my children, Sango?”

Sango and Kagome just stood there, wide-mouthed. In a nano-second, Sango’s hand was out of his hand and across his face. “What the hell kind of a question was that, pervert?!”

“You happy now, Miroku?” Inuyasha barked, his hands tightening into fists. “We’re about to be late for practice now thanks to you messing around with these females!”

Hearing the lecher’s friend speak for the first time, Kagome spun quickly to look him in his face. “These females? Your buddy over there ran into us, so he owed Sango an apology, but instead she got a perverted question. And last time I checked, we females have a name.”

Done lecturing, Kagome was expecting a smart retort, but instead she found herself squirming underneath his intense gaze. For crying out loud, are both of these guys missing a screw, she wondered to herself.

Inuyasha suddenly stepped forward, one arm lifted as if to touch her. Instinctively, Kagome stepped back.

“K-Kikyo,” he softly muttered.

Kagome’s brow immediately furrowed in anger. The nerve! He said they were heading to practice, so he must be one of those athlete-types that goes around confusing women for his groupies! Kagome’s misguided conclusion led to her getting into Inuyasha’s face and setting him straight.

“Listen, pal. I don’t know who this Kikyo is, but it sure as hell ain’t me. My name’s Kagome. KA-GO-ME,” she empathized with deliberate enunciation.

She saw the look of confusion melt into a look of surprise, but she no longer cared what the brute had to say.
“C’mon, Sango. Looks like we ran into a couple assholes today.” Wrapping her arm through Sango’s elbow, Kagome pulled them away with a fiery determination to get to the library and start studying.

“Ugh, I knew waking up this early was a bad idea,” Sango murmured as she let her best friend drag her off, still not believing the lecher’s nerve.


Miroku looked at the two ladies speeding off, his hand still massaging the imprint left by Sango’s slap. “Eh… maybe I shouldn’t have purposely ran into them.” Thinking back to how his body felt pressed against her soft curves, Miroku immediately shook his head of the thought. “No, The risk was certainly worth the prize.”

Not hearing anything from Inuyasha, Miroku turned around to figure out why his best friend wasn’t currently clawing him at his neck. “Inuyasha?” Then, he remembered what happened. “Who’s Kikyo?”

Still in shock about what had just occurred, it took a moment for Inuyasha to find his voice. “Kikyo… why did I call that weird girl Kikyo?”

“I don’t know,” Miroku replied, not understanding Inuyasha’s confusion. “She made it very clear that her name was Kagome.”

Inuyasha shook his head. “No, Kikyo was the name of Lady Kaede’s sister.”

Miroku’s eyes widened. “Your caretaker’s sister?” Miroku’s mind fell quiet. “Was?”

Inuyasha looked in the direction that Kagome and Sango went. “Miroku, I just called that girl by the name of a dead woman. Why?”

Miroku frowned, unable to answer his question. “I do not know. Let’s just hurry on to practice. If we’re not too late, we might only have to run two laps instead of five like last time.” Miroku lightly slapped Inuyasha’s arm in support before running off to the track.

“Yeah,” Inuyasha mumbled as he started a light jog. He spared one more glance in their direction before catching up to Miroku. “It was a mistake. That’s all.”

Even with this assertion, Inuyasha just couldn’t shake his distinct sense of déjà vu.

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And... WE'RE BACK!

We apologize for the month-long hiatus, but your three favorite ladies are back!

We're rounding out December and 2013, so we couldn't leave you without a hot beat to step to (+10 points for whoever recognized Angel Aaliyah's lyric)! In our penultimate episode of 2013, Saki, Meiko and Tenshi bring you an inside look in the world of cosplaying. That's right, we got the female and male perspective on a creative hobby that means so much to our tight-knit community. Check out the episode right here on the blog and don't forget to check out our fabulous cosplayers on Facebook. Their cosplays are sure to ROCK YOUR SOCKS!

Byron McNeal: www.facebook.com/ByronDZer0

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Thanks for your continued support and we'll be back next week to say goodbye to 2013 and hello to so many great surprises for AfterDark in 2014. GET READY!

Stay sexy,

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Hanyou's Masquerade: Prologue

 It had been a long trek, but her journey was close to an end.

She didn’t have much time left.

Her hair pulled back in a ponytail, the tall woman’s onyx eyes were deadlocked on a small cottage at the end of the boulevard. The street ended in a circle, and the red and white cottage was right in the middle, in plain sight.

The woman smiled to herself as she found the strength to put one foot in front of the other.

“I’m so close; don’t give up now,” the woman found herself thinking. She couldn’t afford to give up, especially with the precious burden she carried.

Her knees wobbled beneath her with fatigue, but she had reached her destination. Three rapid knocks was all it took to summon the owner of the small house.

She smiled with relief as she peered down into a young face so similar to hers. She patiently watched as the dark pupils that mirrored her own went from shock to curiosity to alarm as they observed the weary traveler on her doorstep.

“Big sister!” The young lady at the door moved back so that her sister could enter. “I thought you were traveling the countryside to help heal all of those fallen soldiers, Kikyo?”

“Kaede, there is no time for such questions,” the wounded priestess replied. It wasn’t until after Kikyo had found solace on Kaede’s suede couch did Kaede become aware of the wrapped bundle in her arms.

“What happened to you, big sister?” Kaede asked her, the alarm still evident in her face as she took in the wounds that were now exposed in the low light of the living room. A bloodied bandage was wrapped all the way down Kikyo’s left arm and there were small but deep gashes in the skin that showed through the ragged holes in her sister’s pants.

“A war happened.” Kikyo slowly removed her bow and arrows from her back, trying not to jostle the bundle in her arms. “And I don’t have much time left.”

“What do you mean, not much time?” Kaede asked, a forbidding sense of dread creeping down her spine.

“I mean no time at all. This time is actually borrowed.”

Kaede pondered her sister’s grave words. By borrowed time, she meant-

“You’re dead,” she whispered over the shallow breaths that came out of her hallowed chest.
“Technically speaking, yes, and I almost didn’t make it. The pain is too great and I fear the magic shall run out soon.”

Kikyo watched her sister fight back tears through her dimming orbs. “Kaede, do not cry. Just know that I did not die in vain. I died protecting the jewel and the Great Dog’s greatest legacy.”

“His legacy?” Kaede asked.

Kikyo slowly nodded, pain settling over her features for the first time since she was resurrected. “Yes, Izayoi made me promise her I would before she...”

She couldn’t finish the sentence.

Kaede’s mouth formed a small ‘O’ as she understood what Kikyo implied. “I-I didn’t know.”

Kikyo shook her head. “Neither did I until the Inu no Taishō informed me on the eve of the battle.”

The young woman sat on the arm of her loveseat, still finding it hard to accept that she was talking to a phantom of her beloved sister.

“Sister, who resurrected you?” Kaede asked, knowing that the answer would tell her why Kikyo had come all this way.

Kikyo answered, but she didn’t dare look her sister in the eye. “The sorcerer, Naraku.”

Kaede jumped up in shock. “The half-demon that was born from that petty magician, Onigumo? Why did you seek help from him?!” she demanded to know.

“I did not seek help from him. He lent me his aid of his own free will.” Kikyo stood up, still careful not to shake the bundle in her hands. “He must have heard my final wishes through the connection we’ve shared as I laid on the wake of death.”

Kikyo looked deeply at her sister, upset that she was leaving her only relative all alone once again. “That connection may have been a burden on us for years, but it was a blessing in my darkest hour.”

Kaede eyed her sister with wary. “I still do not trust him.”

Kikyo nodded. “And that’s good. Never trust him. Even with the final message that I bring you in my final hour, I caution you to stay alert of any malicious intent that may possibly reveal itself.”

Kaede took her sister’s warning to heart and readied herself for whatever message she was about to deliver.

“As I’ve told you, I made a promise to Izayoi that I would protect the one thing that was most important to her.” As she talked, Kikyo slowly made her way over to where Kaede was standing. By the time she was finished, the bundle in her arms was uncovered and revealed.

Kaede gasped. “No- no way…” Hesitantly, she reached down and ran her finger across the puffy cheeks of the newborn baby in her sister’s arms. He was quiet all this time, so she never would’ve been able to guess what Kikyo concealed beneath the white blanket.

The baby’s eyes were closed, but its small clawed hand reached out to wrap around one of her stray fingers, and Kaede fell in love. It wasn’t until she saw the two silky, triangular ears at the top of his head did it finally click.

“They were… successful,” Kaede breathed.

Kikyo nodded. “Yes. Izayoi and the Great Dog gave birth to the first hanyou the demon world has seen in ages.”

“B-But you traveled all this way to the human world… how is he to survive in this world with the way he looks?”

Kikyo smiled and transferred the little one over to Kaede. “Well, for one, he will have you as his protector.”

“Me? But I can’t, I-”

“You have to,” Kikyo immediately cut her off. “I only have moments left, so I am entrusting my final quest to you. Protect him until he is old enough to return to the demon world.”

Knowing not to disagree with her big sister again, Kaede slowly nodded.

Satisfied, Kikyo pulled out a string of beads and demon teeth and quickly said a chant. She smiled when the necklace brimmed with her spiritual power. The enchantment in place, she placed the beads around the young hanyou’s neck. The beads immediately shrunk to fit around the hanyou’s neck.

Kaede watched in awe as she witnessed her sister’s power for a final time. “What are the beads for?”

“Just watch,” Kikyo replied, staring intently at the baby. Confused, Kaede looked back down at the little hanyou in her arms. It didn’t take long for her confusion to deepen.

After the beads were resized, they gleamed a soft pink. The warm spiritual power soon spread to encompass the baby hanyou. Kaede watched as he squirmed in her arms, finally opening his eyes to look up at her. Kaede gasped in surprise as she looked down into warm amber eyes, the last time she would see them as the spiritual power changed them into a warm brown. Kaede looked on as his small claws dulled into human nails and his silver dog ears became two regular human ears. After the transformation was complete, the hanyou looked like any normal human baby.


Kikyo looked up at Kaede and smiled softly at the expression on her face. “The beads were given to me by Naraku to help conceal his demon blood until he can return to the demon world.”

Kaede looked back at her sister, not understanding what all was happening. “Return? The human world and the demon world have been separated for centuries, and only the power of special persons such as yourself can unlock the few gates between the two worlds. You are about to die, so who will be able to take him there? I do not have enough spiritual power within me to take him back.”

Kikyo nodded. “I know. I do not expect you to be his guide. I just expect you to raise him like he was your own and make a good life for him until he is ready to discover his roots. However, I must let you know of what will eventually occur.”

Her little sister nodded. “Tell me.”

“The enchantment I have placed, while strong, won’t last forever. The beads will never be a bother to the hanyou. He will grow up thinking that they are an extension of himself and will never try to remove them. It won’t be until he is a man that there will be a breach in my magic due to something beyond my control.”

Kaede listened carefully to her, knowing that this is something that she must never forget.

“As you know, half-demons have a weakness in their regular forms. One night a month, they lose all of their demonic qualities and appear human. In this case, our hanyou will experience a flip in this sensation. Once he hits a certain age, every new moon, instead of becoming human, the enchantment will be broken and he will regain all of his demonic qualities back. You need to prevent other humans from seeing him and explain to him what is happening to him. Once he understands, you will have to work with him to find a way back to the demon world, where the enchantment will completely break down. The beads will then serve a new purpose so as to protect him in his original form. Do you understand?”

“I only have one question… how will I know when the beads will stop working?” Kaede wondered.

“That is a question I cannot answer. It could be in his late teens or early twenties. You just have to be aware of any and all changes he goes through,” Kikyo replied.

“I see. Well, even though all of this is sudden, I will not fail you, big sister. I want you to know this so that you may rest in peace.”

Kikyo frowned. “Thank you. But that brings me to my final request.”

“What is it?”

Reaching down into her quiver, Kikyo pulled out a round jewel that illuminated the room with its calm power.

Kaede’s eyes widened. “The Shikon no Tama! What is it doing here?”

“It’s about to vanish.” Kikyo caught Kaede’s stare and kept it. “You know I have protected the Shikon Jewel my entire life. I need you to burn it with my body after I am gone. That way, it may be possible for it to reappear in my next life and be the guide that the young hanyou needs to get back to his world.”

Kikyo grabbed Kaede’s free hand and wrapped it around the jewel. “My reincarnation should be the key.”
“Your reincarnation?” Kaede whispered. Is it even a possibility?

“I can only hope,” was Kikyo’s solemn reply. She could feel the last of the magic slowly draining from her reanimated body. “After my cremation, bury my ashes in our home village. Can you do that for me, Kaede?”

Kaede’s eyes finally released the tears she had been holding back the entire evening. “Yes, big sister, I can.”

Kikyo weakly smiled. “Thank you.” Her strength escaping her, she laid down on her sister’s couch, waiting for death to claim her. She sensed her little sister sitting next to her on the floor. She didn’t have to wait long until her sister’s hand found hers.

“Kikyo?” she heard her sister whisper.

“Yes, Kaede?”

“What is the young hanyou called?” she heard through the haze.

Kikyo shook her head, surprised that she almost forgot to tell her sister his name.

“Inuyasha,” she softly replied. “His name is Inuyasha.”

His name was the last word she uttered. As her body cooled on her devastated sister’s couch, Inuyasha let forth his first, heartbreaking cry.

The world got a bit dimmer as Kikyo passed on into her final resting place, but it wasn’t long before a bright light re-entered the world. 

The world lives in balance, so through death comes new life.

A young, married woman cradles her newborn as a nurse tends to her. 

“What will you call her?” the curious nurse asks.

Mrs. Higurashi looks up at her and beams.

“Kagome,” she coos. “Her name is Kagome.”

To Be Continued

Monday, December 9, 2013

AfterDark Flow

Not every animé that is released is really all that good. What are some animé you tell people to avoid?

Fuck wit me!!

- Scoob

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fanfic Tuesday Update

Good evening, my lovely loves!

Meiko here with some sad news. I may be a sexy, witty, outrageous AfterDark co-host by night, but by day I'm a hard-working university student- and it just so happens to be Finals Week. Oy!

Due to the constant testing, studying, crying-my-eyes-out... *ahem*... I've been a bit too overwhelmed to write up a story for Fanfic Tuesday. *sad face* Because of this, there will be no new awesome adventure for you all to check out tonight.

But fear not! Once finals are out of the way and I'm finally on Winter Break, I'll have plenty of time to write out a few ideas I've been developing lately. It's all going to be good fun, so check back in next Tuesday. Later this week, I'll be tweeting the anime I'll be writing for, so be on the lookout for that.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday evening (New Hunter x Hunter episode has been released... go check it out right now!) and you'll be hearing from your lovely Meiko very soon!

Chao! ♥

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weekly Review: FullMetal Alchemist

What is up my people???

I've missed you guys... Noo really I did!!! So even with the fact of knowing that I've got wonderful goodies waiting for me tomorrow, I'm doing a review.

My wonderful boyfriend tells me that my reviews are more like previews and that's alright with me. From what I know you guys enjoy my reviews and I plan to continue to give you my opinion on what I watch. As long we all having a few good laughs right? *high five*

So this week, I went with Fullmetal Alchemist. I've been doing a marathon with this since Saturday and man I've forgotten how many feels this pulls right out of your gut! I've had one too many epis leave me in tears! Damn writers lol. But that should be a good thing right? It's mixed in perfectly with the humor bits between the brothers and other characters in the series and the more serious parts of the show.

Alright before I get ahead of myself, Fullmetal Alchemist, or FMA, follows brothers Alfonse and Edward Elric on their journey to find a Philosopher's Stone. They need it to regain their bodies. Ed has a metal right arm and left leg that he lost while trying to bring his mother and brother back from the dead. Al is the younger brother whose soul lives in a giant knight's armor. That is where Ed placed his brother to keep him alive after a human transmutation that went horribly wrong. But the boys go on this search and they come across a wide array of characters, both human and monstrous alike!!

This is probably one of the few sci-fi animes that I can honestly say that I enjoy as a whole. It has its choice of filler epis, but even those are enjoyable and give more meaning to the story line. When I say shit gets real??? Yeah it does!!! I'm sitting here watching it now and I'm like damnit these cliffhangers are killing me!! I can deal, but I refuse to stop watching. These kids had to grow up real fast and real quick due to all the mess they've been through. I'll honestly say I can relate to the characters mainly due to the fact that my childhood borderline reflects theirs (my mother is alive and well though). You sense the love and feel the loss! Oooh I was ready to kick this one guys ass for taking his four year old daughter and their dog and turning them into a creature that talks called a chimera (pronounced ki-mare-uh). I fell in love with the kid just like the Elric brothers did. I was ready to fight!! Ugh!!

I will say this... As the series progressed the title and ending songs don't even fit!! I'm like the hell is this mess?! A damn love song and these fools are in the middle of a fight?! Yeah they killed me with that right there. That's honestly my only complaint. FMA is definitely one you have to pick up if you don't have it yet. Black Friday is coming up so get yo happy ass to wherever it is you buy your anime from and go get it!!! Seriously you won't regret it in my opinion.

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Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone else has a kick ass week!!!